Spider Bikes

Distance:          26km
Day:                    Saturday 7:30am
Duration:         Approximately 1.5 hours
Meet:                  Spider Bikes (Shop 3, Beaconsfield Hub, 52-62 Old Princes
Highway, Beaconsfield
Website:            http://www.spiderbikes.com.au/index.html

Link to Social ride here:

Spider Saturday

The Spider Bikes loop takes you out through the township of Officer & up one of Cardinia’s most iconic climbs up Officer Road to Upper Beaconsfield which offers over 3.5km of challenging climbing.  Take the climb at your own pace and if you’re into inflicting pain on yourself there is usually a pissing contest up the front.  The more sensible rider will cruise up and appreciate the scenery along the way.  It’s your choice.

Enjoy a short break at Split Rock Road whilst everyone re-groups.  From here the ride becomes quite undulating as you loop through Split Rock Road & around Stoney Creek Road.  There are numerous sharp short pinches along the way which are guaranteed to give the lungs a good workout.

There is a 2nd rest stop at Sally’s Big Arse Burgers before riders get to enjoy the descent down Guys Hill which is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.

This is a casual no-drop ride & there are several rest stops along the way.  The ride is suitable for riders of all abilities and new riders are welcome.

As cyclists we do enjoy a cup of Coffee, and one of the best parts of this ride is stopping at the 4 Figs Café after for a cup of Coffee& a chat

For further information contact:                               (03) 9769 3126


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